Let the storms come while I sleep. The scrape of snowplows are my alarm clock. Roads cleared of snow and ice my only prayer. Subzero temperatures are a given in Minnesota. Winter comes faithfully; still, we forget. We forget until cars slide into guardrails, skid through red lights, careen over dividers, pile up on highways. We lament. We moan. We bitch and we boast. We obsess about the weather. Day after freezing day.

Come March the wear is evident. SAD. Seasonal Affect Disorder or just plain ole sad. We’ve grown weary of snow forts, ice sculptures, thermal underwear, and boots. We manipulate time, springing ahead one hour as if this somehow saves daylight. We celebrate delayed sunsets and collectively deceive ourselves that spring has come.

March toys with us. Howling wind and thick clouds followed by more of the same. Then for no reason that makes any sense the sun breaks through. Temps soar into the low forties. We shed layers and populate parks, lakes, and bike trails. Temps hit the sixties. Jubilee! We practically worship the sun and it’s life-affirming warmth. And then suddenly…snow.

Oh how cruel March, how cruel. How gullible are we? After all of our years in this state have we not learned? We cycle back into bitching and moaning and lamenting and damning this state. Why oh why do any of us live here?

April brings hope. Dare we? Could it be? Is it true? Rain. More rain. We need the rain. Just look, how brown and lifeless our land. Barren trees. No green. No flowers. We need the rain. We need the rain becomes our comforting mantra.

The rain proves true.

Spring comes faithfully. Facebook timelines fill with shots of budding trees, first flowers, blades of grass.




In 2017 we celebrate spring as the Mother of All Bombs is dropped on Afghanistan; North Korea tests its missiles; Russia throws shade on the United States. Our #Resist mimicking the seasons. Millions marched in January; yet, how many will vote in local and mid term elections?

We tweet, post, comment, scream expletives across the aisle. No one hears because no one is listening. We obsess about our politics.

We are one nation.

We collectively deceive ourselves.

After all of our years, our history, have we not learned? We cycle back into bitching and moaning and lamenting and damning one another. Why oh why?

The storms come and I cannot sleep.