sc0748af2fGhandi, Nelson Mandela, Crispus Attucks, Lucretia Mott, Sapphire, Richard Wright, James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, August Wilson, Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcolm X, Tupac Shakur. These names rise. They inspire me. The ones so dissatisfied. I share a kinship with women like Marion Donovan who invented the disposable diaper along with inventors Josephine Cochran, Marie Curie, and Gertrude Elion who were unwilling to accept the world as it was, raised their expectations, and did something about it.

I share this kinship with those I work with, live with, and call neighbor. People who everyday challenge what we are otherwise conditioned to accept. Moms advocating for childhood cancer research, women providing low cost auto repair and education to those surviving below poverty level, men and women striving to end homelessness through dignity, respect, and system change. Neighbors reaching out to neighbors in times of need.

My life would be dismal today if abolitionists, civil rights leaders, artists, my ancestors, and others had been content to simply wake up and face another day.

Yes, give me more who are discontent. Give me more who will go against the grain, challenge the norms, question WHY? Fill my world not with whiners and passiveness but those possessed with an insane drive that demands social change.

Stand by me, but know that my goal is to turn this fucking world upside down.