IMG_0376_2In the midst of a grey December day in Minneapolis, MN I stumble across a Mystic Blue Orchid (or Blue Mystique) at Bachman’s. I slip out my digital camera and capture this iridescent beauty. I ask the florist a few questions, knowing I have no intention of buying a $40.00 orchid no matter how low maintenance she claims it to be. I have what I need.

Home. I upload the photos. My monitor jumps to life. As a screen saver the blue is almost overpowering in its intensity. I turn off the apartment’s lights and let the orchid fill my living space, mesmerizing me until the sleep mode kicks in.

In truth, this is a white Phalaenopsis orchid that has been infused with blue coloring. In time, the blue fades unless dye is added when watered. I wonder, does knowing this change how we rate its beauty? Would it matter if we thought this was 100% nature-made then learned we had been duped? Do we prefer this souped up creation to Nature’s version? And what does a Mystic Blue Orchid tell us about how we dress up our and others’ life stories?