If you are familiar with the CaringBridge Website then you know someone battling an illness. Fourteen months ago I subscribed to CaringBridge to support my coworkers’ then five year old son Genesis. Sara’s only child was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer—Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma (Rhabdo for short).Rhabdo requires a full year of treatment including radiation and chemotherapy. Genesis finished his final rounds last month.
Sara and I talk from time to time. I listen. I learn. When appropriate I share something from my own experience. We connect. Last week I told her how much Genesis’ words echoed my own in regards to resilience. Sara gave me permission to share this truth posted on Genesis’ CaringBridge site a few days ago:


I’d like to end with a Genesis story.  On Friday when he was getting his port accessed for the bone scan infusion, he nonchalantly told me that he hasn’t gotten used to this yet.  I told him he was doing great and handled the port access much better than how he used to.  He repeated, “I haven’t gotten used to this.”  I started to wonder where he was going with this.  He then tells me, “I just deal with the pain.”  The nurse responded with  “You’re tough.” And his reply was ” I know.”  I love his honesty and am so proud of how he has handled this past year pushing through the pain and intensity of treatments with such courage.  In my opinion, there is no one more brave than a child who has had to endure cancer. 

So once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts…Sara and Genesis. 

Resilience is a lot like cancer treatments…people cheer at the dead cancer cells while downplaying that treatment also destroys healthy tissue. The short term and long term side effects of radiation and chemo can reduce quality of life. Treatment proves deadly for some.

We tend to hold up one side of resilience; but if you take the time to go beyond the surface you’ll see where overcoming adversity too often has destroyed some of the good stuff too.

Now that Genesis has made it through treatment we offer his family a new level of support. The fight doesn’t  end here.

September is Childhood Cancer awareness month.