I’ve had it with Angels.  This week alone a six year old boy drowned. An eighty-nine year old man committed suicide. The police were forced to shoot a teenager in one state, a mentally ill man in another. This just in my country. Tens of thousands of mentally ill Indonesians bear an unimaginable torment: Pasung. No one should know what this means.

I can’t help but wonder, What are you doing? Are you distracted by celestial light shows? Grooming your wings and polishing halos? Or is it something else? Has your workforce been downsized? Are there so few angels that you’re unable to provide the same quality of protection boasted hundreds of years ago? Are you so preoccupied saving one that you’re losing countless others?

And my God, how we mere mortals have lowered our standards. I noticed the decline awhile back—you slipping up and us still glorifying your half-assed saves. I expect more. A spear crushing through someone’s skull is not your best work. I don’t care if the guy is still breathing. So look, either give a 100% or drop the halo, dammit!

Someone needed to say it.