Eloise Godbolt Sheppard December 29, 1929 - March 11, 2005

Every sacrifice you made

Lessened the pains of my youth; you’ve

Overcome obstacles Life placed

In your way.

Strength. Yes, strength is what comes to mind

Each time I think of you. I remember the

Grace in your form; Your head held high, poised.

Order in the midst of troubled times.

Despite the hardships, pushing on. Giving us the


Of yourself. Never, ever

Leaving. Always finding some way out of no way.

Teaching us in unique ways what is needed to

Succeed in life and love. From you I

Have gained more than words can

Ever convey. I appreciate now more than in times

Past the wisdom you’ve imparted. I’ve learned to

Put to rest what I once felt I lacked and to

Appreciate all that I have

Received from being your first born